Get Involved!

Show Up! Sign Up! Lynx Up!

Step 1: Show Up!

Whether it’s a big event or a small gathering mark it on your calendar, invite a friend, get out, and go. Campus events are great places to meet others, take a study break, and experience the vibrancy of campus life.

Step 3: Lynx Up!

Take on a leadership position in your club, expand your mind and your views, and make a difference on campus and in the community so you can be the best version of yourself!

Student Engagement

Student Engagement wants you to Get Involved. We can help you find your community, discover endless opportunities and experiences outside the classroom, and equip you to make a difference on campus and beyond! All it takes is three simple steps to take advantage of your Lynx experience.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Engagement actively supports the mission of Lincoln College by implementing programs and services that enrich students lives and encourages involvement in co-curricular experiences that will prepare them to be contributing members of society.

Our Vision

To cultivate transformative experiences that support the development and growth of the whole student.

Meyer-Evans Student Center

The Meyer-Evans Student Center is a popular destination for the campus community and the center of student life. With the Office of Student Activities and Student Involvement, Dining Center, activities and more, we strive to provide a “home away from home” to balance the diverse educational, recreational, cultural and social needs of today’s student.

Special Programs and Events

View our event calendar!

Clubs & Organizations

Recognized Student Organizations at Lincoln College serve a valuable educational function, offering students the opportunity to build a community and provide leadership roles for students. These opportunities afford students a special educational experience that significantly contributes to their development as an individual.

Leadership Development

Lincoln College students are encouraged to develop their own philosophy on leadership within the context of their lives. There are a variety of ways students can develop and hone their leadership skills at Lincoln College, including a number of different programs, student leadership positions, and other leadership learning opportunities such as attending guest lecture, workshops, and one-on-one/group leadership advising. Students who take advantage of these opportunities will discover their leadership styles and how they can utilize these skills at Lincoln College and beyond.

Community Engagement

Lincoln College fosters a culture of service by connecting students to engagement opportunities that positively impact our communities. Through a variety of service and social justice opportunities on campus and in the larger community, we develop socially responsible student leaders who understand, advocate for, and provide services to meet campus and community needs.

Lynx First Four

There is no other way to kick-off a semester than our Lynx First Four Days! A new student’s first four days on campus are the perfect time to meet new people and get to know campus. Our Lynx First Four Days programs are required for all new students, including transfer and commuter students.